Jessie Fulminis, otherwise known as Preases

Jessie Fulminis in civilian attire

is the titular character of Preases, and all related series. originally appearing on page 1 of Issue One. She is able to transform into Preases. Voiced by 'Eel' 

Known Powers/Equipment Edit

  • As Preases she has the ability to manifest energy similar to lightning and wield it as if it were solid.
  • The thigh pouch of her costume contains medical supplies that replenish indefinitely. As the costume is known to change form depending on the user, the supplies themselves are limited to what first-aid supplies Jessie was aware of the first time she became Preases.
  • The suit also grants enhanced durability, for example after a battle with at least 15 drones she is shown with only minor cuts and bruises despite the suit not showing any visible damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Fulminis is the genitive singular of fulmen meaning lightning.
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